Is it safe to mix bitcoins?

There is no doubt that the cryptocurrency network is considered one of the most secure systems due to its blockchain technology and peer-to-peer network. This article will explain how to keep transactions anonymous with crypto-mixing.

Why is crypto-mixing always a good idea?

If you use a service that stores funds, remember that failures can happen (and always at the most inconvenient times), and be sure to do everything you can to check whether the service is trustworthy or not to avoid losing your funds. The Bitcoin service only requires your bitcoins, and that’s it. You are not required to enter any of your personal details.

With the mixing service, you will be able to 100% protect your privacy with mixed cryptocurrencies and mixed addresses. The Bitcoin mixer service does not keep any logs, so a hacker can never know anything about your transactions, even if your security is compromised.

How to mix coins securely?

A Bitcoin operates using a network of computers or nodes that share information without a central authority. This means that there is no single “master” computer that controls all the others. Instead, every node in the network has the same rights and capabilities.

You can also choose a percentage commission type with different ranges corresponding to different mixing strength options. Once you’ve finished setting up your mixing options, click “Continue” to see the address where you’ll be depositing your mixing coins. After the receipt of the coins, the process of mixing them will begin.

It is also important to follow the next recommendations:

  • Consider the risks associated with bragging about your successful trading deals.
  • Do not share your previously used addresses.
  • Be careful when remembering your balances.
  • Avoid sharing information related to your offline persona.
  • Use encrypted communication channels.

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